How To Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions make us look alert without having a stitch of makeup on the face. If the new eyelash extensions are still intact you might not want to ruin them after causing you so much, with all your money and efforts. So, here are some ways to still be able to wash and cleanse your face, as well as to take care of your new set of voluminous lashes. These are some helpful cleaning regimes on how to wash your face with eyelash extensions leaving your skin fresh, clean and rejuvenated making your eyelash extensions look as good as new. 

How to wash your face with eyelash extensions?

1. Makeup wipe. Get a makeup wipe and wipe away all the makeup all over your face. This will take all your makeup on the surface but not a thorough cleanse. You may use baby wipes and just be careful not to go around your eye area and just wipe over your eyebrows which is as close as touching the perimeter of your eye area.


2. Cleanser. It is recommended to use an oil-based cleanser to effectively knock-out and break up any makeup on your face. Just take a small amount of the product cleanser on your fingertips and massage this around your cheeks, forehead, nose, upper lip, chin, around your temples and neck area to ensure to not get this near your eyes and the olive oil components will break down the adhesive glue of the lash. You may also use a facial cleanser that is water-based or gel-based foaming cleanser. Avoid using cream-based cleanser because it leaves too much of the cream on your face. But if you have dry skin, you may use this but still water-based and gel-based is best to use. For best result, apply a gel-based foaming cleanser and work it up to a lather. Wash from the cheekbones down for the bottom half of your face.


As you know, cleansing removes makeup, sunscreen, dirt, sweat, and oil. It is recommended to cleanse your face not just once but twice because the first cleanse will get rid of your makeup and other debris, then rinse your face with warm or cool water while the second rinse will clean the skin making sure nothing is left over. Then, gently dry with a soft towel and do another check to ensure no makeup left on your face. Work up the cleanser into a foam carefully and apply it above your brow line and around your temples. Use liquid cleanser instead of splashing water all over your face. 


3. Washcloth. Get a washcloth and dip it in warm water. Wring out the excess and wipe it all over your face to take away all the oil-based cleanser. Be very careful not to be too heavy-handed around your area. 


4. Round Facial Sponge. This is used to rinse off or sponge off the area of your brow line. How to use this? First, hold it under the faucet to get wet, squeeze any excess water out, hold your face over the sink and sponge the area around your eyes. Then rinse off your sponge and squeeze the extra water out. Take the sponge, dab it down to your lash line. You have to look up, dab right under your lash line then wipe it down. Repeat this as much as you want. This round facial sponge is better than a washcloth because it allows you to remove your makeup more effectively and efficiently all around the eye area. 


5. Toner. This will tone and hydrate your face, purify and normalize your face’s natural sebum.


6. Moisturizer. If you are done cleansing your face you can next apply the moisturizer. Make sure to apply it from your cheekbones and above your brow lines. Avoid the entire ocular area, all-around your eyes so that some of the moisturizers will not heat migrate and if it’s applied too close to your eyes it can get on your lashes or even in your eyes.


For matured aged skin ladies, use the Byotea Intensive Anto Wrinkle Night Cream Hyaluronic Acid because it has an intense and effective lifting properties that will hydrate your skin and reduce appearances of wrinkles and expression lines. 


7. Protectant Sealer. This is considered as the final step to help increase bonding strength and gives your lashes a nice shine. In applying this, you can use the brush with sealant or a mascara wand that looks like a nail polish brush. Apply it both on your top and lower lash in motion like applying a liquid eyeliner onto your eyelash line.  Why adding a lash line? This is because it is where the sebaceous glands are, which put oils on your lashes. So this protectant sealer prevents the oils produced from getting onto your lashes. Once the oil natural starts flowing through your eyelash extensions, all your makeup dust and dirt will get onto it and of course, you don’t want this to happen. You can find these sealers that have a mascara wand at the end which is so handy. 


Here are some additional methods on how to wash your face with eyelash extensions:


1. Soak your cotton pas with an oil-free eye makeup remover. Make sure that the whole cotton pad is wet and not to get stuck onto your eyelash extensions.  Take your cotton round and fold it have so you can come up with a semi-circle shape and wipe away all your eye makeup, on the eyelid and underneath your bottom lashes as well. Clean the skin around your eye area and not your lashes. 


2. Get a foaming pump bottle and mix a tablespoon of your baby shampoo and a teaspoon of you bicarb soda with your distilled water, then shake it all up. Baby shampoo is suggested since it is a gentle cleaning solution that will not sting your eyes and is good for a baby so it’s good for your eyes and bicarb soda has mild antiseptic properties and soothes irritation.


3. Wash away the soapy residue with some water. While your eyelashes are still wet you can have this cool using hair dryer blow dry. Make sure your hairdryer nozzle is facing upwards so that the cool air flow shoots straight up to dry. 


Take note and keep following all these practices including the right diet, using the right products. Exercising and getting enough sleep. If you’re a side sleeper you lashes tend to fall off quicker so try sleeping on your back if possible. 

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