How To Remove Individual Eyelash Extensions At Home?

These are your options if you want to remove your individual eyelash extensions at home.

After three to four weeks, it’s time for your eyelash extensions to get off. When you are thinking of “I don’t need mascara, then you have two options to choose, it is either you will go to a professional who is capable of removing your eyelash extension with the help of eyelash glue remover or you may remove them by yourself at home.

But how to remove individual eyelash extensions at home? If you choose to do it by yourself at home, there are some steps for you to follow to remove it safely while even at home.

As you know, these eyelash extensions are semi-permanent in-salon treatment where you can get an individual fake lashes glued to your existing lashes to create naturally, fuller-looking set of lashes. They even last longer than your DIY fake lashes as the glue being used is much stronger.

There is also a tendency that before you got your lash extensions, you brushed up all the “what not to do” tips that come handy. Keep in mind as well on not to use oil-based products on your eyes when you have eyelash extension. Why? It is because oil-based products are the enemy of eyelash extensions as they loosen the lash glue over time.

Here’s how to remove individual eyelash extensions at home:

  • Eye makeup remover. Get yourself an eye makeup remover. Gently soak the cotton pad with the solution you preferred using, and delicately wipe it over your lashes. You will notice that many of your lashes will just wipe away on your first wipe. With this, you need to repeat a couple of times to get all of your lashes. Be careful not to irritate your eyes, don’t rub it and repeat the steps no more than three times. If there are stubborn lash extensions remain after doing your first try, wait at least an hour before having another crack. It is very important as well to give your face a gentle steam beforehand to help loosen the glue. You may pour hot water into a bowl and place a towel over your head while leaning over the bowl. Keep yourself distant from the bowl as well to avoid burning your skin. You can enjoy this steam facial for about 10 minutes before using any oil of your choice to gently wipe away your lash extensions. 


  • Natural Approach. This is a removal technique that is both accessible and chemical-free. The same as using gel remover, natural oils can be used to loosen the bond of the adhesive being used. Soaking a cotton pad with your natural oil choice and hold your moistened pad to your lashes for a few minutes and then you should be able to slide off your extensions easily.


    1. Coconut oil. You may prefer using a natural approach like using coconut oil. Yes, you can use coconut oil to remove your eyelash extensions in the same way you use an oil-based cleanser to dissolve the lash glue and swipe those little lashes away.
    2. Olive oil. This another natural approach that works wonders and is gentle on your eyes but still be very careful not to get this near to your eyes.


Eyelash extensions removal can be trickier than peeling off a strip of your lashes at the end of the night. If you’re new into this, it is essential that you can identify the type of lashes you need to remove. Any individual lashes or lash cluster applied with regular lash glue can be dissolved using your makeup remover and of course an ounce of your patience as there some stubborn eyelashes that cause you difficulty in removing. These lash extensions require more of your attention and you should not be attempted if you have more than to remove. If you have more lashes to remove, you may ask for help from professionals or technicians to help you ensure proper removal and safer and healthier natural lash in the long run. 


Again, you may start removing all your makeup and steaming your face to help the process of loosening the bond of the adhesive. You may apply coconut or olive oil to the base of your lashes and gently massage the area. Through this, the bonds break down and allow safer removal. It is important that you are patient enough doing this step to give time to the bond to weaken because tugging it might break your natural lashes. It may take some time to remove false eyelashes so better stay away from harsh chemicals or preservative-filled removers that can quickly remove and can be irritating or harmful to your eyes.


Doing your own lash extension removal at home may result in unwanted risks of messing your natural lashes. So if you do it at home, you will likely pluck your own lashes which is not only painful but can also lead to lash loss and damage. Also, attempting to remove your false eyelash with any essential oil or other Youtube DIY will likely not end well. In reality, according to pros, there’s no over-the-counter job that could properly get the job done.


Then, what’s the best way to remove eyelash extensions?


When you go to professionals, they will use a lash remover to soften the hard bonds from the adhesive so the extensions will slide off. The process doesn’t hurt and is quicker than getting or putting eyelash extension. Plainly, the client will comfortably lie with their eyes closed during the entire process which lasts for about 15-20 minutes. There could be some that would take some hours if there is an excessive amount of adhesive applied. 

If you’re having your eyelash extensions removed, experts highly suggest confirming that your technician plans to use a cream or gel remover. They say that liquid remover can run and irritate the eye more easily. Also, using tweezers to remove all the lashes manually is not good as it can cause a bit of a kink when manually removed. 

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